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10th September 2014 Bilbao, European Forest City 2014

The workshop was part of the FORRISK Final Conference and was a side event of the EFI Annual Conference.

Photo: Ander Arias-González

This workshop was organised by NEIKER-Tecnalia within the framework of the FORRISK project under the auspices of IUFRO and the European Commission.

More than 65 scientists and participants from the forest sector from more than 8 European regions met to discuss the role of soils in forest management.

The inaugural address was given by Dr. Luca Montanarella from the European Commission, who highlighted that soil degradation is a serious problem in Europe and that ecosystems are becoming less and less able to produce goods and provide services to the society as a result of degradation.

Regional examples ranging from Iceland to Galicia in Spain were presented in this FORRISK seminar, highlighting the need for a common framework directive for the protection of forest plantation soils in Europe.

The most relevant output from this workshop will be a book summarising the presentations and conclusions of the event.

It is hoped to publish this book in the first half of 2015, which will coincide with the celebration of the International Soil Year

Soils workshop programme 03072014

Videos of the presentations are available here:

PDFs of the presentations can be downloaded below:

Session: Overview of soil degradation risks in the EU

1. Opening by Ana Aizpurua Insausti, Neiker-Tecnalia

1 Opening Aizpurua

2. Keynote speech: Soil degradation risks and prevention in the EU: Soil Protection Policy in Europe by Dr Luca Montanarella, European Commission

2 Soil Degradation Risks Montanarella

3. Comparative strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for soil protection in cultivated forests in the SUDOE Area by Miss Sarah Fermet Quinet, EFIATLANTIC

3 SUDOE Fermet Quinet

4. IUFRO´s current strategic priorities, and opportunities for collaboration by Dr Jean Michel Carnus, INRA

4 IUFRO Carnus

Session: Regional soil degradation risks and prevention programmes through the “Atlantic Rim” planted forests

5. Iceland by Dr Thröstur Eysteinsson, Iceland Forest Service

5 Iceland Eysteinsson1
5 Iceland Eysteinsson2

6. Ireland by Dr Ken Byrne, Univerisity of Limerick

6 Ireland Byrne

7. United Kingdom by Dr Elena Vanguelova, Forest Research

7 UK Vanguelova

8. Aquitaine by Dr Mark Bakker, INRA

8 Aquitaine Bakker

9. The Basque Country by Dr Nahia Gartzia Bengoetxea, Neiker-Tecnalia

9 Basque Country Gartzia Bengoetxea 1
9 Basque Country Gartzia Bengoetxea 2

10. Galicia by Dr Nieves Barros, University of Santiago de Compostela

10 Galicia Barros

Session: Implementing forest management practices for soil protection

11. Synergy and partnerships between forest owners and water operators by Mr Bernard Bechevet, Association Syndicale libre Forestière du Mont Forchat

11 Synergy and partnerships-forest owners-water operators Bechevet

12. Woodlands for drinking water: from best management practices to partnerships by Dr Julien Fiquepron-CNPF

12 Woodlands for Drinking water Fiquepron

13. Soil Scottish Framework: Implementing soil protection policy at regional scale by Mr Willie Towers, The James Hutton Institute

13 Soil Scotish Framework Towers 1
13 Soil Scotish Framework Towers 2


14. Reporting from regional cases, discussion and summary by Dr Iñigo Virto-UPNA)

14 Summary conclusions Virto

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