Vendredi 5 décembre 2014

FORRISK Seminar : Wind damage risk to forest

The seminar took place on Wednesday 29th October 2014 at the Bizkaia Aretoa of the University of the Basque Country, Bilbao.

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This FORRISK seminar was organised by NEIKER and the Regional Government of Bizkaia, in collaboration with EFIATLANTIC and Hazi, with the participation of researchers from FORRISK partner, INRA

The seminar illustrated how forest storm damage risk can be calculated for a region using a mechanistic risk model that was originally developed in the United Kingdom.

We demonstrated how the model has been adapted for the Spanish Basque Country and in particular for radiata pine and eucalyptus.

We also demonstrated how the model is being validated by comparison with actual wind damage from Storms Klaus and Xynthia and how the model can be used to calculate the risk to forests at a regional scale using remote sensing data (e.g., aircraft LiDAR) as model input.

After the talks the participants visited an experimental site to see tree pulling, which is essential for obtaining good model parameters for rooting resistance relevant to local site conditions.

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The seminar received a lot of media attention :

Articles :

In Spanish :

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Parque Bizkaia

Profesionales Hoy

Tecnogarden & Jardineros

In Basque :

Europa Press


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8:30-8:45 Registration

8:45-9:15 Adaptation of the wind risk model ForestGALES to the Basque Country (Barry Gardiner-INRA)

9:15-9:45 Using wind risk models at landscape level (Kana Kamimura - INRA)

9:45-10:30 Travel to tree pulling demonstration site in Artzentales

10:30-11:30 Welcome on behalf of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and brunch

11:30-14:00 Field demonstration (Tree pulling, tree swaying (for dynamics measurements) and wind load monitoring will be demonstrated and discussed)

14:00 -14:45 Back to Bilbao



NEIKER-Tecnalia Forestry Unit 812 Bizkaia Science and Technology Park, 48160, Derio, Bizkaia, Spain basozaintza(at)

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