Outline of WP 2: Institutional Risk Management Tools

Tuesday 16 December 2014 — Latest update Thursday 18 December 2014

Institutional tools, systems and organizations put in place to anticipate, monitor and manage risks in the regions (including insurances)

The objective of this Work Package is to make an inventory and analysis of existing risk management systems in different parts of the project, and to compare and suggest possible improvements.

Action 2.1: Description of existing tools in each project area

Defence against forest fires (source: DFCI Aquitaine)

Inventory and analysis of existing management tools, anticipation and monitoring of risks:

  • At regional level
  • Observation of their effectiveness
  • Highlighting of the presence/absence of a multiple risk integration

Action 2.2 : Comparison of existing tools in the project areas

Comparative analysis of inventoried systems

Action 2.3 : Proposals for improvements

Proposals to improve management tools for biotic and abiotic risks in southwestern Europe with identification of possible cooperation between regions.

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