Technical Guide

Thursday 4 December 2014

Integrated Risk Management in Planted Forests

The FORRISK technical guide is a summary of all the work carried out by the project partners.

Each technical sheet explains the context of the action, gives the results obtained, and explores the possible consequences for forest management.

Each sheet is in the language or the languages of the partner(s) responsible for the corresponding action. The structure of the guide is based on the project’s three technical work packages: institutional risk management tools, forest risk management, and risk analysis and decision-making tools.

The different sections of the guide can be downloaded below:

  • Cover, Tables of Contents, Map of the Regions
    Guide technique (i) : Couverture, sommaires, carte des régions
  • Introduction
    Guide techique (ii) : 1. Introduction
  • Institutional Risk Management Tools
    Guide technique (iii) : 2. Outils Institutionnels de Gestion de Risques
  • Forest Risk Management
    Guide technique (iv): 3. Gestion du Risque en Forêt
  • Risk Analysis and Decision-Making tools
    Guide technique (v): 4. Analyse du Risque et Outils d’Aide à la Décision
  • Conclusions
    Guide technique (vi) : 5. Conclusions
  • References, Acknowledgements, Back Cover
    Guide technique (vii): Bibliographie, Remerciements, Quatrième de Couverture

More detailed results from specific actions are also available on-line.

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